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  • Audit Ready Bookkeeping / Payroll Services

  • Audit Ready Bookkeeping requires a blend of tax law, accounting principles, understanding of CRA audit requirements, and an understanding of how best to categorize and defend an expense. Our Bookkeeping services code and cross reference your transactions according to the tax line in which it is to be claimed on. 

    Whether your business is engaged in construction, manufacturing or professional services industry, our experienced staff are able to handle the bookkeeping and accounting aspect of your business, while letting you focus on what you do best - running your business !

  • Payroll Services

    Your Payroll information will be kept in a binder with T1 & T1 General paperwork, for each employee, Calculated according to the latest calculations. Paystubs will be provided for you and your employees with year to date amounts. You will also be provided with a remittance summary each month, a year end summary, T4's, T4 summary, ROE Submissions