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  • Tax / Business Planners

  • Personal Tax Binder

    Getting Organized is the first step in being able to claim every available deduction and credit you are entitled to.

    …  the most important thing you can do is keep your paperwork organized. 

    It doesn't matter if you file your own taxes or hire someone to do them for you, you must provide and keep the documentation used to complete your taxes for 6 years. We have developed a binder to assist you with keeping your records to minimize the amount of tax you must pay.

    We have included everything you need to store and organize the information specific to your tax return. 

    You should receive all your tax slips no later than the end of February, however T3 and T5013 slips will come later as these do not have to be sent by the issuer until before the end of march.

  • The Canada Revenue Agency { CRA } can, and does, demand proof of payment by way of invoices and receipts that you must legally keep for six years. It can challenge entitlements that you're within your right to claim. And, CRA had extraordinary powers of seizure without court orders, to ensure that taxpayers who owe money to the government do pay up.


  • Rental Property / Farm / Commission / Small Business

    If you have rental property, a farm or commission income - even though it will be filed on your personal tax return you should be keeping the paperwork separate.

    We have an add on package for rental, farm & business available for purchase for more advanced personal tax returns designed to maximize your deductions and credits.

  • Corporate T2 Returns

    Every corporation operating in Canada needs to file a T2 corporate tax return every year even if the corporation has been inactive and/or has no income tax payable. Your corporate tax return is due 6 months after your year end.

    We have developed an audit ready filing system that uses a blend of tax law, accounting principles and an understanding of CRA audit requirements to categorize and defend expenses. minimizing an auditors ability to question the deductions and credits claimed on your tax return.

    What's Included: File Box, Hanging Folders, Pre-categorized Folders, Instructions.